Student Fees

"Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences will introduce academic fees for students coming from outside the EU and EEA in January and August 2017. The fee will be €8,500-€9,500 [per year, depending on the programme]." The above is a firect quote from Haaga-Helia's board of directors posting after their meeting. In January 2016 the Finnish parliament's …

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A snowy morning

   There is something very peaceful in standing at a bus stop 6:20 in the morning, especially either on Saturday or Sunday.  Before leaving home I contemplated on taking my earphones with me, but decided against that, mainly because I thought it was raining, not snowing. In a way I am glad that I did. …

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Thursday evening

I was inclined to write about the current situation in Finland, but decided against it. Instead, my first shall be of... ...studies! Being almost 40 and studying for a BA is something that has been a good thing here in Finland, but now it looks like the Finnish government doesn't really appreciate people to educate …

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