My heart goes out for the affected

Yesterday morning I wrote to my FB status: Good morning Facebookians! Here in Southern Finland the sky is clear, the Sun is shining, temperature is -1 degrees Celcius! What a perfect day... And some minutes later I heard the first news of the horrible, devastating bomb attacks in Brussels. The day was disrupted and destroyed …

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Racism in the Finns party

Yesterday was the Palm Sunday, the day that the Christians revere as Jesus (a.s.) arrived to Jerusalem. In Finland there is a tradition that during the Palm Sunday, children go around, dressed as witches, giving out feathered willow boughs and wishing you well until the next Palm Sunday. In exchange they expect some candy or …

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I miss him

Our baby boy, Lukas, a miniature poodle passed away in October last year and for some reason today has been a really difficult day - without any apparent reason. When we went shopping, I even almost went to the dog food aisle because I honestly wondered if Lukas has any snacks at home. And it …

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