My heart goes out for the affected

Yesterday morning I wrote to my FB status:

Good morning Facebookians!

Here in Southern Finland the sky is clear, the Sun is shining, temperature is -1 degrees Celcius! What a perfect day…

And some minutes later I heard the first news of the horrible, devastating bomb attacks in Brussels.

The day was disrupted and destroyed for hundreds of people immediately, in ways that we, who were not there, probably cannot even begin to understand. It is horrible to even think how people were on their way to holidays, going home for their study breaks, and so on. All of a sudden, some idiots blow themselves up, killing and injuring hundreds.

Many, especially right wing people, at least here in Finland, immediately turned this into anti-refugee matter – like it had anything to do with those people who are actually fleeing Syria and Iraq from the same ISIS idiots who claimed the “glory” over this bomb attack. 

But, as at least Europe seems to have forgotten, this cowardly attack in Brussels wasn’t the only one recently. Being hypocrites, many nations have almost put on mourning colours for this particular event, forgetting the recent devastating attacks in Turkey, both Istanbul and Ankara.

Are we, so self-cantered that we think that only things in Western Europe actually matter? What about the lives lost in Turkey, and Indonesia? Are they less valuable just because they are not European? Or is it because those are Muslim countries, and as much as we say that we are not racist towards Muslims, our Christian heritage that has taught us to believe in the evilness of the pagan Muslims, is still there?

But I mourn for the people who lost their lives in Brussels yesterday. I mourn for the people whose lives were lost in Turkey. I mourn for people who were murdered in Indonesia. And I mourn for those who were killed in France.

The list could go on and on. And if we kept on mourning, there would be nothing else we could do. But I suggest that instead of mourning and being afraid, we do what the Daesh/ISIS is afraid of – we stand proud and united against their terror! 

If we stand together and shine light to the holes they are hiding in, the evil is banished like shadows.



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