22nd of Ramadan

Tackling difficult issues is an important aspect of everyday life. It is also an aspect that bloggers should tackle more efficiently. Granted, that many of the blogs are more like an electronic extension to the old times journals, or they are more concerned on some specialised field, such as fashion, food, or something else. However, …

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21st of Ramadan

In Finland, we seem to be very private people. It's not exactly our thing to invite lots of friends and relatives for a Sunday dinner just to practise for the Eid celebrations. But here in Malaysia, it seems to be quite an normal event, at least in my family. And to me, a Finnish person, …

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18th of Ramadan

Having travelled for over 24 hours, with one delay, we have finally arrived to our destination. Alhamdulillah, everything went well. As this has been a tiring experience, I shall not write much today. Instead I will rest, and hope that you all take a break from your hectic day as well.