Breaking the Fast

Yesterday I wrote about the deeper meaning of fasting, and how we all should strive to understand the meaning behind. At the same time we know that drinking water invalidates he fast, or eating for that matter. But are we aware of other things? Some time ago I happened by some good posts about this …

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About abstinence

Observing Ramadan is the fourth pillar of Islam and must be observed by all Muslims who are able so to do. Even I learned that in school in the 1980's Finland. On the other hand we also were told that it's ok to eat during the night time because Allah cannot see. Which, if I …

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Ramadan and eating

I am currently in Malaysia visiting my husband's side of the family and here it is quite customary that some eating places don't serve Malays during the daylight hours of Ramadan. And what I have read from the Internet, the rules are even more strict in places like the U.A.E. Being also a nurse, my …

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Actually, according to my high school maths teacher, the above is actually true in some cases. He managed to explain it using some very extensive mathematical formulas, but it was all Hebrew to me. But in many cases, especially in the modern world with social media, the above is actually as far from the truth …

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Ramadan kareem

The Holy Month is here again. As it is being observed throughout the world, in different countries, we all should take a moment to count our blessings. For some of us, the fasting time might be 10 hours, and for some of us it's actually nearing 22 hours. For some of us it is a …

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“You’ll feel better soon!”

How many times have we all said that sentence to someone who is going through a rough patch in their lives? Browsing Google with that sentence as a search parameter gives tons of images with either that sentence or something similar printed on them. Whilst he idea behind the "you'll feel better soon" is noble, …

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Ice melts, viruses stir

Recently I came across an article (translated to Finnish), published in the BBC. The article basically tells that if the permafrost soil thaws, viruses from thousands of years ago might be released to the atmosphere thus infecting people in great amounts. As one of my colleagues shared this news in Facebook, I thought of commenting …

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