Ice melts, viruses stir

Recently I came across an article (translated to Finnish), published in the BBC. The article basically tells that if the permafrost soil thaws, viruses from thousands of years ago might be released to the atmosphere thus infecting people in great amounts.

As one of my colleagues shared this news in Facebook, I thought of commenting “qiyamat”, and realised I need to look a bit more to qiyamat. And I found a passage in Surah al-Hajj that made me think outside the conventional box.

Christianity and Islam are saying that on the Last Day we all will be resurrected and will stand in judgement. I believe that too, but what if the Holy Qur’an points out this kind of event? What if this is a portent of something that is happening?

We know of the other verifications that are present in the Holy Qur’an, why couldn’t this be one of them?


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