“You’ll feel better soon!”

How many times have we all said that sentence to someone who is going through a rough patch in their lives? Browsing Google with that sentence as a search parameter gives tons of images with either that sentence or something similar printed on them.

Whilst he idea behind the “you’ll feel better soon” is noble, most of us know that time is the great healer, but does saying it to someone who is anguished really help?

My anguished relative made me think, luckily before I managed to utter that sentence to him. He said a few things:

1) Saying that sentence really doesn’t help, it feels like something that anyone can say without meaning anything.

2) We don’t know if they will be better, even with time.

With the second part I would filter it down a bit; after all my nephew is still young and all the emotions and situations are experienced like either they raise you to the seventh heaven or cast you down to ninth hell.

But with the first part, I agree. It’s more of a platitude nowadays; something we can say with a slight pat to the shoulder. Keep calm and carry on!

I feel, I know, that words have power. But if we keep throwing them around without meaning them they will lose the power, their meaning.

So next time someone comes and is anguished and needs you, be there with actions, with words, and show that you care.


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