Actually, according to my high school maths teacher, the above is actually true in some cases. He managed to explain it using some very extensive mathematical formulas, but it was all Hebrew to me.

But in many cases, especially in the modern world with social media, the above is actually as far from the truth as can be. Or it might have some of the truth there, but twisted so that it serves the agenda of the writer or publisher.

I am not going to go and give you examples of this as I trust you to be able to go to Facebook and dig some out yourselves. All I ask, is that before you repost any news, check the validity from at least two more sources. And when doing that, read what those news have to say about it. See if there is any difference in the way the news is being written or broadcast.

This time around I really got thinking after my brother in law told me about a news blogger whose news always seem to echo the worries of a particular political leader.

“That is propaganda, not misinformation”, you might think. It is true, but when you add a bit more embellishment on the worries, such as xenophobia or point fingers on past political leaders in hope that they get the blame for the actions of the current leaders, then it becomes misinformation. In the news there still might be the seed of truth hidden inside, but you as the reader, need to be clever enough to see past the smoke screen to find it.


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