Ramadan kareem

The Holy Month is here again.

As it is being observed throughout the world, in different countries, we all should take a moment to count our blessings.

For some of us, the fasting time might be 10 hours, and for some of us it’s actually nearing 22 hours. For some of us it is a chore, whilst others see it as a time to reflect on all aspects of life.

This year, we in the western world should really open our eyes and see what is happening around us. If we, as Muslims, would unite once and for all, forgetting our differences, and would help our societies, there would be no room for extremism. But in order to help our communities we would have to think outside the box for a moment, and understand that not everyone is the same, and the not everyone wishes to be the same.

When I reverted to Islam, over five years ago, I was eagerly waiting for my first ever Ramadan. When it came, it did strike me odd, that there clearly was a class division visible. Some people of some ethnic background saw themselves as people to be waited on, and who didn’t have to clean after themselves on the communal Iftar we participated. When confronted about this, they left laughing and didn’t attend the break fast for several days.

Why did it strike me odd? Because we should remember the teachings of our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.). Everyone is created equal.

If, within our own community, we cannot resolve conflicts by understanding the teachings of our Prophet (s.a.w.), how can we hope to survive in the modern world?

My goal this Ramadan, and I hope that it would be a goal worthwhile for other people too, is to ponder about equality, and community. How can we create a community where everyone’s voice is as important as the voice of everyone else.

Ramadan kareem to each and everyone!


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