What to eat?

Especially those of us who reside in countries where the fast is long, we need to carefully consider what to eat and drink so that the energy levels wouldn’t drop in the last hours of the fast. Luckily, some time ago, I came across the following information in Facebook, and I can now share this with you all.

I have divided this topic over the next few days because there is lots of information on what to eat, what not to eat, and what health concerns there might be.

To me it’s a bit strange to have a picture of white bread on this. The carbs in the white bread are not as complex as in wholewheat bread or rye bread. I would also recommend rye bread (unless you reside in the Nordics, rye bread can usually be found in health food stores) because of the fibre it contains.

I personally believe that this is why dates are the food we should break our fast with.

During the fast, we sweat. With sweat we lose things like salt, and magnesium which we need to replenish for the following day.

Protein is a building block for muscles, so it is important. Fibre helps with keeping the hunger pangs at bay, and also helps our intestines to work normally during fast.

Drinking is very important! As a general rule, we need roughly between 2 to 2,5 litres of water per day, and in addition to that we need to take in extra if we are in a hot and humid climate. So, before Ramadan, make a plan how to drink that amount during the time when you are allowed to drink! And remember – have maximum of 0,5 litres at one go so that your body gets the most benefit from it!


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