What not to eat?

Yesterday I posted about things to eat. Today, let’s look at things on the opposite end of the spectrum. Especially those of us who reside in countries where the fast is long, we need to carefully consider what to eat and drink so that the energy levels wouldn’t drop in the last hours of the fast. Luckily, some time ago, I came across the following information in Facebook, and I can now share this with you all.

Fried and fatty foods, also known as comfort food. In this category I would also add the processed foods.

When you cook yourself, you know what you have put in the food, and it’s clear of all preservatives and chemicals that can play havoc with your intestinal system during the fast.

It’s ok to have something sweet, as many of us have a sweet tooth, but not in excess. Besides, Ramadan is a brilliant time to change the habits!

This, for me, is one of the most difficult ones!

I bring up the issue of long fasting hours up many times, but obviously it’s true. Long fast means less time to eat, but still we should have self-restraint so that we wouldn’t over indulge as it means we cannot have anything for suhoor if we still feel full from Iftar.

Again, avoid excess! Instead of tea or coffee, drink water. 

In my opinion, everyone should quit smoking. Not just because it’s a vile habit, and you can get cancer from it, but also because your smoking can give those around you cancer as well. So please, switch to patches or nicotine gum and quit completely. PS. Vaping is as bad (if not worse for your lungs) as smoking.


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