Health issues?

Many times we hear that fasting works miracles with one’s health. It is true, at least in grander scale of things, but there are some day-to-day issues that should be looked into. Especially when for the past few days I have shared with you some information on what to eat and what not.

Remember to drink enough, and if you are an active person, consider having some sports drinks in there as well.

Personally, I need to take blood pressure medicine, luckily only once a day. During Ramadan I usually adjust the timing so, that I take it just before sohoor as usually I take my medicine in the morning anyway. This way the rhythm doesn’t change too drastically.

Being Finnish, cutting down on coffee is a chore. Usually during Ramadan I drink one mug after Iftar and it is enough for me.

This is also the case of “fast carbs”. They raise the blood sugar level quickly and then follows the crash as our insulin kicks in. That’s why we should have more of the complex carbs to keep blood sugar level more stable.

Also remember that salt is important! Not in excess though.

This usually, at least for me, is the problem of the first few days of Ramadan, but after that my stomach feels much better.


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