Workplaces and Drama

We all must have heard of the one colleague at work, who has the tendency to request shifts and things because of their family, or because they need to attend to something else. They also expect everyone else to bend over backwards to accommodate their wishes. And if they don’t get what they want... ...there …

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Coming out

My previous post inspired me to open up my views a bit more. I was born in the 1970’s and in the late 1980’s my puberty started and at some point I realised that I was more into cute guys than cute girls. It was before internet, so I didn’t really have a way of …

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Homo- and transphobia

Earlier on today I was watching, by accidental channel surfing, a documentary called Transforming Gender. If you have the possibility, google it and watch it. Obviously we continued by watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, season 9 directly afterwards, so now I have had some time to organise my thoughts and put them down in writing. But …

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