LGBT (and Egypt)

(Egypt Independent) The picture above is not new. It was actually taken in September 2017 in Cairo, Egypt during Lebanese Mashrou Leila concert, as is reported by The Egypt Independent. Today, roughly four months and too many arrests (and torture) later I read about this through YLE, the Finnish National Broadcaster's News. In the Finnish …

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Cherry Pop

The what? It was actually a movie found in Netflix as we are huge fans of RuPaul and as the movie is about drag queens... well, it just popped up. After watching the film it is not surprising that it got 4,2/10 in IMDb, as the plot wasn't really original and for most of the …

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Coming out

My previous post inspired me to open up my views a bit more. I was born in the 1970’s and in the late 1980’s my puberty started and at some point I realised that I was more into cute guys than cute girls. It was before internet, so I didn’t really have a way of …

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Homo- and transphobia

Earlier on today I was watching, by accidental channel surfing, a documentary called Transforming Gender. If you have the possibility, google it and watch it. Obviously we continued by watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, season 9 directly afterwards, so now I have had some time to organise my thoughts and put them down in writing. But …

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16th of Ramadan

Surprisingly, the blog posting that I made about the horrific Orlando massacre has gained the least likes for my postings. I have been pondering over this and wondering if I should bring the matter up again. Today, I decided to return to the topic once more, perhaps for my own sake more than for anyone …

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7th of Ramadan

Let me remind you all that I am no scholar, what I write comes from my heart. Today, the USA lost 50 people (as far as the news have told for the moment) and further 53 were injured, some severely, some less severely because some mad man decided to show the world his homophobic and …

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