Dolphins and Captivity

Yesterday, in Finland, marked an end of an era as the four remaining dolphins were moved under the cover of darkness and mystery from Särkänniemi Amusement Park to a non-disclosed destination. The CEO, Mr. Miikka Seppälä, didn't answer to any questions concerning the move or anything else - in other words, the CEO, who was …

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Summer Storm in Finland

Last weekend, the weekend before the start of Ramadan, we went camping in one of the National Parks in Finland. The park is made up of many small islands and islets, and one peninsula which can be reached by a car, so there we went. It was our little summer trip, time away from the …

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A snowy morning

   There is something very peaceful in standing at a bus stop 6:20 in the morning, especially either on Saturday or Sunday.  Before leaving home I contemplated on taking my earphones with me, but decided against that, mainly because I thought it was raining, not snowing. In a way I am glad that I did. …

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