LGBT (and Egypt)

(Egypt Independent) The picture above is not new. It was actually taken in September 2017 in Cairo, Egypt during Lebanese Mashrou Leila concert, as is reported by The Egypt Independent. Today, roughly four months and too many arrests (and torture) later I read about this through YLE, the Finnish National Broadcaster's News. In the Finnish …

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International Holocaust Remembrance Day

On the 27th of January, was the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. How was it remembered and shown in your community? Here in Finland, it is just one day like another. The only ones actually posting something about this was the Jewish community in Helsinki, and also some more enlightened friends of mine in Facebook. Me? Well, …

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Actually, according to my high school maths teacher, the above is actually true in some cases. He managed to explain it using some very extensive mathematical formulas, but it was all Hebrew to me. But in many cases, especially in the modern world with social media, the above is actually as far from the truth …

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Ramadan kareem

The Holy Month is here again. As it is being observed throughout the world, in different countries, we all should take a moment to count our blessings. For some of us, the fasting time might be 10 hours, and for some of us it's actually nearing 22 hours. For some of us it is a …

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Day before yesterday I read from the letters section of the local newspaper a rant by a patient, a doctor. She had to go the the public health care ER and was simply appalled by the quality of the care and staff. According to her letter, nurses didn't greet her with their names, left her unattended …

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19th of Ramadan

Today marks the beginning of a new European Union as the United Kingdom has voted for Brexit and the people voted for leave. The reasons, apparently, have been many for the UK to vote this way, and what I can see from the newsfeed, mainly it looks that the EU is seen as some faceless, far …

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My heart goes out for the affected

Yesterday morning I wrote to my FB status: Good morning Facebookians! Here in Southern Finland the sky is clear, the Sun is shining, temperature is -1 degrees Celcius! What a perfect day... And some minutes later I heard the first news of the horrible, devastating bomb attacks in Brussels. The day was disrupted and destroyed …

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