Cherry Pop

The what? It was actually a movie found in Netflix as we are huge fans of RuPaul and as the movie is about drag queens... well, it just popped up. After watching the film it is not surprising that it got 4,2/10 in IMDb, as the plot wasn't really original and for most of the …

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Homo- and transphobia

Earlier on today I was watching, by accidental channel surfing, a documentary called Transforming Gender. If you have the possibility, google it and watch it. Obviously we continued by watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, season 9 directly afterwards, so now I have had some time to organise my thoughts and put them down in writing. But …

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Fear of the Unknown

I experienced excruciating pain the other day. For a moment there I was certain that I was going to die, and then I almost begged to die as the pain was so intense.But since then it made me think, again, about the unpredictability of our lives. Each day we go on not expecting anything out …

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Ramadan kareem

The Holy Month is here again. As it is being observed throughout the world, in different countries, we all should take a moment to count our blessings. For some of us, the fasting time might be 10 hours, and for some of us it's actually nearing 22 hours. For some of us it is a …

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19th of Ramadan

Today marks the beginning of a new European Union as the United Kingdom has voted for Brexit and the people voted for leave. The reasons, apparently, have been many for the UK to vote this way, and what I can see from the newsfeed, mainly it looks that the EU is seen as some faceless, far …

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16th of Ramadan

Surprisingly, the blog posting that I made about the horrific Orlando massacre has gained the least likes for my postings. I have been pondering over this and wondering if I should bring the matter up again. Today, I decided to return to the topic once more, perhaps for my own sake more than for anyone …

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Racism in the Finns party

Yesterday was the Palm Sunday, the day that the Christians revere as Jesus (a.s.) arrived to Jerusalem. In Finland there is a tradition that during the Palm Sunday, children go around, dressed as witches, giving out feathered willow boughs and wishing you well until the next Palm Sunday. In exchange they expect some candy or …

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