Work Related Stress

I had a chat with my Father several days ago, before actually going for a holiday in Spain. We talked about the abundance of new illnesses that have sprung up in the last decade or so. They didn't used to have things like burn out back in the day, and people seemed to have a …

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The Difficulty Of Finding Job

I'll let you all in on a secret, I'm looking for a new job. And because the job and me are not at the same place, it seems to pose some difficulties. Also what I have noticed is that me being in my very early 40s doesn't apparently make it easier. Earlier on I thought …

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Prayers And Pain

I saw an interesting piece of news from The Independent about back pain and prayer postures. Whilst reading, my inner little nurse got curious and I started to think about my own prayers. When I first reverted to Islam, after few days of prayer I noticed that my muscles had gotten sore, and also I …

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 It's 6:40 am here in Finland and I am waiting for a train at the station. Weather forecast said it will snow, but at least at the moment the sky seems relatively clear and blue, painted still in the sunrise colours. Standing there, I enjoy the crispness of the air, the quality of it. Until …

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It's one of the best things there actually is: a big cup of tea (with a big dollop of honey) after a day at work. It made me think how much we actually take for granted. Starting from a hot cup of tea, after a day at work. Many times we are eager to criticise …

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Day before yesterday I read from the letters section of the local newspaper a rant by a patient, a doctor. She had to go the the public health care ER and was simply appalled by the quality of the care and staff. According to her letter, nurses didn't greet her with their names, left her unattended …

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Letting go

For the past few years, from 2012 in the matter a fact, I have held on to the dream that one day I will be a cabin crew again. One day I will stand proudly in a cabin of an aircraft, once again, doing the job I did for eight years. Eight fantastic years. One …

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