I have had it!

My Mother, who is disabled and wheelchair bound, was forced to sleep in temporary quarters tonight because the house she lives in, doesn't have a reliable elevator! To make matters worse, the house is a home for elderly and disabled people! The elevator company, when my Mother and a nurse were trapped inside the bloody …

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The coil of mortality descends upon me like the cape of night descends upon the world. Goodness gracious, that was dramatic beginning for the blog! Truth is that lately I’ve felt mortal for the first time in... forever? When you are in your twenties, you hardly think of the future or anything beyond when you …

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I was born in September, which means that the old folk tells me I should be happiest during the autumn - as I am an autumn child. But I am not. Autumn for me represents end. Nature bursts out the last, magnificent show of colour, dazzling everyone, even me. But even though I love the …

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13th of Ramadan

In the modern world we have learned to rely on technology a lot. Most of the communication we do is through phones, applications, and computers. Yesterday I was working on a ward where they take care of neurological patients. Some were better and some were worse. One elderly person couldn't really speak because of something …

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