Shameless advertising!

For the most occasions I try to keep my blog separate from other parts of my life - for instance this blog is not advertised in Facebook. Why? I need to have my personal space. I know that people from my friends list in Facebook can go to google and find out about my blog, …

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LGBT (and Egypt)

(Egypt Independent) The picture above is not new. It was actually taken in September 2017 in Cairo, Egypt during Lebanese Mashrou Leila concert, as is reported by The Egypt Independent. Today, roughly four months and too many arrests (and torture) later I read about this through YLE, the Finnish National Broadcaster's News. In the Finnish …

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International Holocaust Remembrance Day

On the 27th of January, was the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. How was it remembered and shown in your community? Here in Finland, it is just one day like another. The only ones actually posting something about this was the Jewish community in Helsinki, and also some more enlightened friends of mine in Facebook. Me? Well, …

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I have had it!

My Mother, who is disabled and wheelchair bound, was forced to sleep in temporary quarters tonight because the house she lives in, doesn't have a reliable elevator! To make matters worse, the house is a home for elderly and disabled people! The elevator company, when my Mother and a nurse were trapped inside the bloody …

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Death of a Person I Never Knew

Yesterday evening I read from a Finnish newspaper, quoting this news, that a young, 28 years old Finnish Cabin Crew member had been found dead in her hotel room in Phuket. She was a Cabin Crew for Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia, the company I used to fly for almost 7 years. The news made me …

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I am a Registered Nurse (finally!)

My love-hate relationship with nursing has reached a milestone: graduation! Back in 1996, when I was in the Finnish Defence Forces, I enlisted as a combat medic for unnamed reasons. There was one nurse who, when we were being discharged, said: "I'm glad that at least one of you will become a nurse" and looked …

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I just read from somewhere that the most important friendships are those that you make as a teenager. There must be something about it because the same thing was mentioned in one of my favourite movies (and short story) of all time - Stand By Me. Another thing that rings true to that one is …

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