Health issues?

Many times we hear that fasting works miracles with one's health. It is true, at least in grander scale of things, but there are some day-to-day issues that should be looked into. Especially when for the past few days I have shared with you some information on what to eat and what not. Remember to …

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What not to eat?

Yesterday I posted about things to eat. Today, let's look at things on the opposite end of the spectrum. Especially those of us who reside in countries where the fast is long, we need to carefully consider what to eat and drink so that the energy levels wouldn't drop in the last hours of the …

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Breaking the Fast

Yesterday I wrote about the deeper meaning of fasting, and how we all should strive to understand the meaning behind. At the same time we know that drinking water invalidates he fast, or eating for that matter. But are we aware of other things? Some time ago I happened by some good posts about this …

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About abstinence

Observing Ramadan is the fourth pillar of Islam and must be observed by all Muslims who are able so to do. Even I learned that in school in the 1980's Finland. On the other hand we also were told that it's ok to eat during the night time because Allah cannot see. Which, if I …

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Ramadan and eating

I am currently in Malaysia visiting my husband's side of the family and here it is quite customary that some eating places don't serve Malays during the daylight hours of Ramadan. And what I have read from the Internet, the rules are even more strict in places like the U.A.E. Being also a nurse, my …

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