Work Related Stress

I had a chat with my Father several days ago, before actually going for a holiday in Spain. We talked about the abundance of new illnesses that have sprung up in the last decade or so. They didn't used to have things like burn out back in the day, and people seemed to have a …

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Prayers And Pain

I saw an interesting piece of news from The Independent about back pain and prayer postures. Whilst reading, my inner little nurse got curious and I started to think about my own prayers. When I first reverted to Islam, after few days of prayer I noticed that my muscles had gotten sore, and also I …

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Yesterday was the second time in one year that I had to rush to the hospital's Emergency Room due to very severe stomach pain. After the first time I didn't believe the diagnosis: gall bladder stones. Basically it was because it was 7 hours after my last meal, it didn't make any sense. And the …

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Health issues?

Many times we hear that fasting works miracles with one's health. It is true, at least in grander scale of things, but there are some day-to-day issues that should be looked into. Especially when for the past few days I have shared with you some information on what to eat and what not. Remember to …

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Ramadan and eating

I am currently in Malaysia visiting my husband's side of the family and here it is quite customary that some eating places don't serve Malays during the daylight hours of Ramadan. And what I have read from the Internet, the rules are even more strict in places like the U.A.E. Being also a nurse, my …

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